Biostimulants are beneficial in creating healthier, more fertile soils and plants.  Beneficial biostimulants improve soil microbial activity, consequently improving nutrient efficiency and resistance to soil and plant disease. They’re also instrumental in eliciting natural hormonal response from the plant, by a stimulation or up-regulation of normal metabolic processes. These hormones aid root development, cell division, stimulate growth and elongation, as well as growth reduction, ripening and stress mitigation all of which enhance the potential yield and produce quality.

BioAg liquid cultures deliver essential nutrients and metabolites directly to crops ready for immediate uptake, as well as stimulating microbial activity in the soil. Produced from sea weed extracts, fish emulsion, humates and growth promoters, these microbial cultured liquids are rich in amino acids, beneficial bacteria’s, enzymes and metabolites. These products are available on their own or integrated into a custom-made program which delivers the precise amounts of plant-available nutrients and biological metabolites.

Each formulation is based upon a proprietary fermented microbial culture that contains a rich source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates, dormant organisms and growth promoters. BioAg liquid nutrients are applied using a boom spray or irrigation systems.

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BioAg Soil & Seed® is formulated that improves soil microbial activity, thereby improving natural soil fertility, moisture, nutrient conversion and utilisation. It encourages root development and conversion  and organic residues into humus enhancing yield potential.  (Also available in BFA Certified) Download Soil & Seed brochure

  • Complex, Balanced food supply of vitamins, amino acids, proteins, enzymes, carbohydrates, growth promoters to the natural organisms.
  • Stimulates Soil microbial population & diversity
  • Accelerates conversion of organic residues into humus
  • Improves soil moisture and nutrient utilisation

BioAg Balance & Grow® a foliar formulation to increase vegetative growth, root development and soil microbial activity. It provides plants and soil with the appropriate nutrients to stimulate and support plant growth, particularly calcium and phosphate, thereby enhancing yield potential. Separate formulations are available for broadacre, pastures, horticulture and organic systems.(also available in BFA Certified).  Download Balance & Grow brochure

  • Sprayed & absorbed into the plant with amino acids.
  • Removes blockages within the plant
  • Improves movement of nutrient,  water & sugars within the plant 
  • Stimulates balanced growth and vegetative growth

BioAg Fruit & Balance® a foliar formulation to increase flowering, fruit set and soil microbial activity. It delivers a rich source of plant-available phosphate when the plant is under peak load, stimulating strong fruiting and enhancing yield potential. Fruit & Balance also enhances the nutritional value and quality of fruit or grain by increasing sugar levels in the plant. (also available in BFA Certified) .

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  • Increases plants phosphate supply during peak load. Provides the plant with nutrient &energy to stimulate & support fruiting.
  • Increases the plants brix levels
  • Enhances the yield potential of the crop
  • Provides a complex & balanced supply of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, growth promoters & carbohydrates with phosphate

EuroVive Pure AA

Euro Vive Pure AA liquid is a highly concentrated seaweed liquid enriched with amino acids that induces positive plant hormonal activity to increase plant function and crop yield. This amino enriched ascophyllum nodosum seaweed solution is instrumental in eliciting natural hormonal responses from the plant, by a stimulation or up-regulation of natural metabolic processes. These hormones and amino acids are responsible for root development, promotes cell division and tissue growth, stimulate growth and elongation and stress mitigation and chlorophyll production, ultimately maximising the plants growth potential.

Why EuroVive Pure AA?
Hand harvested from the North Atlantic Ocean, this Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed is continuously exposed to ebb and flow and survives in high salinity. Subsequently it passes its superior stress resistance properties on to plants when applied.

Its high concentration and cold cell burst processing method means that the bio compound extraction method remains integral, ensuring exceptional product quality. When combined with a suite of Amino Acids provides the ideal synergy to reduce plant stress the way mother natures intended.

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